Definition and aims of this speciality

Pulmonology is the medical discipline that treats diseases related to the respiratory system (bronchi, lungs). In particular, it proposes treatment of lung diseases and respiratory diseases.

 The aim of pulmonology is:

-        to improve breath during the day by using specific inhaled treatments

-        to improve breathing during the night by using respiratory assistance devices

-        to improve sleep with analysis and appropriate treatment of nocturnal respiratory disorders

-        to maintain respiratory function using endoscopy techniques or respiratory muscle training

-        to treat tumours surgically or non-surgically


Type of pathologies

There are many of these increasingly common diseases, including: asthma, pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, pleurisy, pneumothorax, cancers, snoring, sleep apnoea, tuberculosis, etc.

Their diagnosis requires a variety of investigative techniques.

-        Measurement of lung capacity and blood gases:

These measurements are taken in the event of an assessment before a surgical procedure or in the event of respiratory complaints. They are also helpful in the event of sleep disorders. Such measurements are taken by breathing into an accurate measuring device, known as a plethysmograph, to carry out pulmonary function testing, or by taking blood.

You can make an appointment via phone (+41 22 366 94 79) or via e-mail (endoscopie@genolier.net)

-        Bronchial endoscopy:

The Endoscopy Centre has a specialised nursing team and two equipped rooms.

Flexible and rigid bronchoscopies are carried out here under local or general anaesthesia.

They allow for the diagnosis and treatment of certain lung diseases.

Endobronchial treatments, such as clearance using Argon Beamer and placement of prostheses, valves or coils, can be carried out according to the most modern techniques.

These procedures are performed by the pulmonologists at Clinique de Genolier following a preliminary appointment.

You can make an appointment via phone (+41 22 366 94 79) or via e-mail (endoscopie@genolier.net)

-        Nocturnal polygraphy for sleep analysis:

In the event of sleep disorders, snoring or nocturnal choking, arterial hypertension that is worse at night or a stroke, and fatigue or daytime sleepiness, a nocturnal respiratory examination is important.

It can be carried out by recording your sleep at home thanks to a portable device known as a polygraph.

It is attached to you at the end of the day. You wear it all night at home and return to the clinic the morning after. The data recorded are then read by the pulmonologist. The results, together with your diagnosis, are given to you at a later consultation when treatment can be initiated.

You can make an appointment via phone (+41 22 366 94 79) or via e-mail (endoscopie@genolier.net)

-        CT lung scan, PET scan


Specific consultations

As well as general pulmonology consultations, the clinic offers specific consultations and personalised care.

Sleep consultation

Breathing difficulties during sleep are a very common cause of fatigue, attention disorders, depression, stroke and cardiovascular disease.

They must be detected as quickly as possible before a serious complication develops.

They are diagnosed through home or hospital nocturnal polygraphies, and an examination of the nasal and oral cavity.

There may be many treatment options available. Targeted treatment occurs at Genolier as a result of a multidisciplinary consultation with the otorhinolaryngologist and the pulmonologist. Sometimes, the opinion of the neurologist is also necessary.

For a multidisciplinary opinion regarding your sleep, you can register for a consultation:

Rehabilitation programme

To maintain your respiratory capacity, a specific rehabilitation programme (document to be inserted) is at your disposal. It includes individual and group sessions in the form of conferences and workshops.

You can sign up directly by filling in the attached form (rehabilitation form).


Contact us

Thanks to its multidisciplinary team, Clinique de Genolier provides you with the most effective tests and care in a single location, saving you time and convenience. We treat adult patients.

Senior pulmonologists, pulmonology consultations: Dr Geneviève Nicolet-Chatelain, Dr Jesica Stalder-Mazza. 

To assess your respiratory condition and schedule the tests necessary to investigate it, please contact us via phone on +41 22 366 94 79 or via e-mail at endoscopie@genolier.net.

To get a multidisciplinary opinion on your medical documents, please contact us via e-mail at endoscopie@genolier.net or gnicolet@genolier.net. Your file can be examined during a multidisciplinary meeting that sees the thoracic surgeon, radiotherapist, radiologist, oncologist, cardiologist, infectious disease specialist and pulmonologist come together on a weekly basis.