Physical therapy

The Physiotherapy centre of the Clinique de Genolier offers consultations with over 10 physiotherapists specializing in orthopaedic, traumatological (sports), and general rehabilitation.


The Physiotherapy centre is equipped with all the most advanced equipment specially designed for rehabilitation, and in particular an isokinetic device for muscle assessments and rehabilitation specific to the joints of the foot, knee and shoulder. This device is designed to measure the muscle strength of the upper and lower limbs. It permits the measurement of patient evolution during the various stages of rehabilitation and thus provides valuable support for the treating physician in choosing the optimum form of exercise and sport therapy.

Proprioceptive and functional rehabilitation is performed in a gym.

What is physiotherapy?

A paramedical discipline, physiotherapy is valuable for the promotion of health and the prevention of problems, as well as for the evaluation, assessment and treatment of disabilities and disorders of the human musculoskeletal, neurological and cardiorespiratory systems.

Physiotherapists work with patients suffering from acute or chronic illnesses, accidents or handicaps, individuals with posture disorders, as well as with healthy individuals or sportspersons.

Following a surgical procedure, follow-up in physiotherapy is initially provided on a daily basis during the stay in the clinic and then subsequently - after the patient has returned home – during less frequent appointments at the clinic.


Open: Monday to Friday, 08 am to 05 pm
Contact and appointments: +41 22 366 94 87 or

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