Prof méd. Philippe Morel


Specialist in General and Visceral Surgery
Key specialty - minimally invasive surgery and robotic surgery

  • FMH member in Surgery and Visceral surgery
  • Former Department Head Physician at Geneva University Hospitals since 1995 and Surgery Department Director


French, English

Work experience

2018 Independent surgeon, Swiss Medical Network
2008-2012 Head of Admissions and Emergency Center, Geneva University Hospitals (HUG)
2004-2018 Surgical Director of the Swiss-French University Transplantation Center (Centre Universitaire Romand de Transplantation)
2001-2018 Head of the New Surgical Techniques Laboratory, HUG
1997-2006 Surgery Department Director, HUG
1995-2018 Head Physician, Department of Visceral Surgery (HUG)
1995 Full Professor at Geneva Faculty of Medicine 
1990 Doctor with FMH specialty title in Surgery


2006 Title of Specialist in Surgery, Advanced Training in Visceral Surgery FMH
1995 Title of Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva
1994 Title of Lecturer, Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva
1992 Title of Privat Docent, Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva 
1990 Title of FMH Specialist in Surgery, Bern
1978 American Medical Exam ECFMG


  • Former President of the Swiss Society of Surgery (2010-2012)
  • President of the Foundation for New Surgical Technologies (FNTC), since 2000
  • President of the Insuléman Foundation, since 2000
  • President of the Fairtransplant Foundation since 2005
  • Vice-Chairman of Swisstransplant from 2005 to 30.09.2018
  • Member of the Pro Transplant Foundation Committee since 2005
  • President of The Geneva Institute Foundation since 2014
  • Vice President of the Foundation "Swiss Foundation for Innovation and Training in Surgery" since 2016
  • Switzerland delegate at the European Council in the context of Organ Transplantation (CD-PTO Group) from 1992 to 30.09.18
  • Various membership titles within diverse Medical and Surgical Societies

Swiss Society of Surgery Congress, 1984
1st poster prize: "Tetracycline pleurodesis for recurrent spontaneous pneumothorax"
Ph. Morel, A. Spiliopoulos, R. Mégevand

Swiss Society of Intensive Medicine, 1984
1st scientific prize: "Effects of Atelectasis and Vascular Occlusion on the Simultaneous Measurement of Serotonin and Propranolol Pulmonary Extraction in Dogs" J.P. Gardaz, F. Dargent, Ph. Morel, P.M. Suter, A.F. Junod

Congress of the International Collegium Chirurgiae Digestivae (CICD), 1986 Jerusalem
GRASSI Prize: "The relationship between flow, pressure and diameter studies in (ex aequo) experimental bowel stenosis"
Ph. Morel, P. Lazarides, J. Alexander-Williams

Congress of the Swiss Society of Surgery, 1987
1st poster prize: "Cancer in the elderly: Is surgical treatment an acceptable solution?"
Ph. Morel, R. A. Egeli, A. Rohner

"Le robot confère au chirurgien une facilité augmentée et au patient une sécurité accrue."
Reportage avec le Professeur Philippe Morel, Spécialiste en chirurgie générale et viscérale.

Interview du Professeur Philippe Morel dans la Tribune de Genève
Philippe Morel: "M'occuper des patients a toujours constitué l'essentiel de mon activité"

Rencontre avec le Professeur Philippe Morel, spécialiste FMH en chirurgie et chirurgie viscérale.
Découvrez l'interview du Professeur Morel, spécialiste FMH en chirurgie et chirurgie viscérale.

Portrait Prof méd. Philippe Morel


Clinique Générale-Beaulieu
Chemin de Beau-Soleil 22
1206 Genève

T +41 22 366 91 71

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