Dr méd. Alain Guidon


Board certified Cardiology, intensive medicine and general internal medicine


French, German, English

Work experience

2016 Physician Assistant, Clinique de La Lignière
2015 Fellow, Cardiac MRI Department, Royal Brompton Hospital, NHS Trust - London
2014-2015 Clinical Director for Cardiology, HFR-Fribourg
2012-2014 Physician Assistant, Cardiology Department, CHUV-Lausanne
2010-2012 Clinical Director, Intensive Care Department, Hôpital de Sion-RSV
2007-2009 Physician Assistant for Internal Medicine and Angiology, CHUV and PMU-Lausanne
2004-2007 Physician Assistant for Internal Medicine, Anesthesiology and Resuscitation, Hôpital Cantonal de Fribourg


2015 Training in cardiac MRI (Royal Brompton Hospital, NHS Trust - London)
2015 MH qualification in Cardiology (CHUV-Lausanne, HFR-Billens-Fribourg)
2012 FMH qualification in Intensive Medicine (Hôpital Cantonal de Fribourg-Fribourg, CHUV-Lausanne, Hôpital de Sion-RSV)
2010 FMH qualification in Internal Medicine (Hôpital Cantonal de Fribourg-Fribourg, CHUV-Lausanne)
2009 Medical Physician (UNIL-Lausanne)
2004 Federal Medical Diploma (UNIGE-Geneva)


  • FMH (Swiss Medical Association)
  • SVM (Medical Society of the Vaudoise)
  • SSC (Swiss Cardiology Society)
  • SSMI (Swiss Intensive Medicine Society)